Provident: In the context of our mission, "Provident" reflects a commitment to foresight, careful planning, and the wise use of resources. It emphasizes the idea of being forward-thinking and judicious in decisions, with a focus on creating prosperity and well-being. At Provident Sterling University, our mission is to provide you, the associate, with the tools and education necessary to make informed decisions, plan for a prosperous future, and achieve sustainable wealth and growth.

Sterling: "Sterling" conveys the pursuit of excellence and the highest quality. It signifies a standard of exceptional performance, emphasizing the continuous drive to become the best in one's endeavors. At Provident Sterling University, we aim to instill in our associates the mindset of pursuing excellence in their chosen fields, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to stand out and achieve the highest levels of success. "Sterling" reflects our dedication to ensuring that our associates not only meet but exceed their own expectations.

YOU: At Provident Sterling University, our mission revolves around YOU, the associate, gaining wealth, growth, and purpose. "Provident" represents our commitment to guiding you in making wise decisions for a prosperous future, while "Sterling" underscores our dedication to helping you become the best in your chosen path. Together, we focus on providing YOU with the education and resources necessary to achieve success, realizing your potential for wealth, growth, and purpose.

At Provident Sterling University, our mission is to empower individuals to transform their lives through real-life education delivered by experienced professionals with proven backgrounds. We recognize the challenges faced by those reentering society from incarceration, and we are committed to providing underprivileged individuals with the opportunity to improve their situations.

Our innovative online university stands apart by prioritizing practical education, taught by accomplished mentors who have excelled in their respective fields. We aim to break the cycle of recidivism by offering valuable skills and trades, enabling our associates to build a better future upon release.

Our core principles revolve around real-life success stories, skill-based education, and a commitment to efficiency and accessibility. We believe in the potential of every individual, and our faculty members are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and making a positive impact on the lives of those seeking a second chance.

The Provident Sterling Experience goes beyond traditional education. Associates actively participate in the learning process, gaining hands-on experience and benefiting from the diverse expertise of renowned mentors. Our ethical foundation ensures that associates graduate with a strong moral compass, earning the trust of employers, bankers, and other people who may be part of your life.